Sunday, February 17, 2008

I miss {insert local business name here}.

my digits are pecking vigorously to say something here, equivalent to the flutter of my heart that i felt as i stepped into this beautiful shop(pe) in downtown Montclair while waiting for my dear-dear lunch date.

559 Bloomfield Avenue - Montclair
Local Press | A Bundle of Memories

i purposely drove down to montclair a good hour before our lunch date at Toast, knowing that this unique stationary store had the potential to steal away my whole afternoon. while I have been wishing to transport myself to my mother's homeland to gather up some 'local' goods, i've been desperate to find a offbeat-once-upon-a-time stationary shop that would not only inspire me, but help me 'supplement' some of the grand ideas i have for what (in my opinion) is the most important detail of all the wedding plans. [forgive me fiance, but you already knew it was my weakness!]

upon the typical google search, i find that the proprietor of Parcel was a former fashion editor for the same Real Simple magazine that peeks out of my bag on a monthly basis. and after finding a vacant spot on the Bloomfield Ave strip while she stopped to have a few children, it reminds me of the wonderful artists that i've met along this wedding journey {i promise to disclose more details later!}

departing note... while growing up in a small NJ town with a decent main strip, my love and appreciation for paper beauty grew out of my observation of the 'official' gift wrapping department at The Florence Shop {unfortunately, there is no equivalent to date of this local department store treasure.}

The Florence Shop - a staple to the strip.

so i'll stop talking, and let you enjoy more of what this magical afternoon hour was like for me.

happy trails!

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LAY-ah said...

yay, updates. and umm, i love parcel. makes me what to drive to new jersey. :)