Friday, February 29, 2008

home, sweet home.

Lord, forgive me today for being so preoccupied by thoughts of our future home, mortgages, rates, loans, comps...

And as I gulp the bottom third of my grande coffee, let me pause by saying that I am blessed by friends, family and God.

LG + LG = <3

Friday, February 22, 2008

not a dog lover, but still.

Life Lesson Number Three: See every effort as an opportunity to relax.

Happy Friday

wanna be like Rob Ryan when I grow up

What's your favorite source for inspiration?
Being alone and Feeling alone and just looking at things and thinking.

In(side) the Loop's interview
You think Rob would do our invites?
He blogs.

"no snow (day) for you!"

but in the meantime, a little positive note from RS:

even though i unrealistically anticipated my company's name to scroll along the chyron along with all the other area school closings, i begrudglingly made it to the last morning bus to the GWB, where there was surprisingly zero traffic - not even a truck in sight! - and made it to work in a little over 1.5 hrs.

with that said, some 'sunshine' to end this week on a high note:
+ having a home in the near future seems like a possibility
+ chatted with our agent last night, post-LOST
+ my boots serve me well
+ i straightened my hair today for the first time in 2008
+ i wore eyeliner today
+ (if you know me, you'll know why the 2 previous items mean A LOT.)
+ transferring to yet another work-notebook
+ H-E-{double-hockey-sticks} | it's FRIDAY


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can we see this?


I miss {insert local business name here}.

my digits are pecking vigorously to say something here, equivalent to the flutter of my heart that i felt as i stepped into this beautiful shop(pe) in downtown Montclair while waiting for my dear-dear lunch date.

559 Bloomfield Avenue - Montclair
Local Press | A Bundle of Memories

i purposely drove down to montclair a good hour before our lunch date at Toast, knowing that this unique stationary store had the potential to steal away my whole afternoon. while I have been wishing to transport myself to my mother's homeland to gather up some 'local' goods, i've been desperate to find a offbeat-once-upon-a-time stationary shop that would not only inspire me, but help me 'supplement' some of the grand ideas i have for what (in my opinion) is the most important detail of all the wedding plans. [forgive me fiance, but you already knew it was my weakness!]

upon the typical google search, i find that the proprietor of Parcel was a former fashion editor for the same Real Simple magazine that peeks out of my bag on a monthly basis. and after finding a vacant spot on the Bloomfield Ave strip while she stopped to have a few children, it reminds me of the wonderful artists that i've met along this wedding journey {i promise to disclose more details later!}

departing note... while growing up in a small NJ town with a decent main strip, my love and appreciation for paper beauty grew out of my observation of the 'official' gift wrapping department at The Florence Shop {unfortunately, there is no equivalent to date of this local department store treasure.}

The Florence Shop - a staple to the strip.

so i'll stop talking, and let you enjoy more of what this magical afternoon hour was like for me.

happy trails!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Where shall I live?

The results of the NJ Primary is making me think twice of where I live now, and where we might live next.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

But mommy, I'm dying.

too congested to create a long inspired narrative here, hello bullets:

+ coughing and yacking since 5am this morning. let all the buses pass til i realized i'm to sick to make it through my 1.5 hr commute.
+ enjoyed a sodium filled breakfast of cup o'noodles + saltines for breakfast, while seeing the leftover Valentine's day gift exchange from my parents (new shoes for my dad, an engraved necklace for mom) <3
+ daytime TV sucks. too bad i fell asleep midway through last night's legendary Law & Order
+ of course i'm doing stuff for the wedding
+ good thing we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on the weekend
+ can't find my tissue box so i'm snuggled up in bed with a roll of toilet paper
+ my chest hurts from all the coughing