Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

welcome to the family

prime and ready for the new macbook c/o stevens:

new shoes for a new job

cuz I'm allowed:
DKNY - prima | comfortable flat/wedges
Ciao Bella - Nelly | stacked kitten heel
me too - westport | standard burgundy heel:

I think...I love you.

Want to hang out some time?

stylist wishlist

because i'm starting the new job, which calls for a more polished business casual wardrobe, appropriate for sci-tech academia, i will from time to time use this space to bookmark some new things on my stylist wishlist.

fresh brown knee boots that won't scare the scientists away:
Only $89.99 (from $275!)

welcome back...

yes, i'm back. and judging by the last post, a lot has changed in the world, with me...that we're due a good healthy post.

5. I have a new exciting job.
4. I will miss my old job.
3. I am looking forward to more "me-time" because of #5.
2. I need a new 'professional' work wardrobe - TTFN jeans.
1. Here's to multiplication.

cryptic at best, but saying "wheeeeee" to the adventure set before me, us, WE!