Thursday, February 14, 2008

But mommy, I'm dying.

too congested to create a long inspired narrative here, hello bullets:

+ coughing and yacking since 5am this morning. let all the buses pass til i realized i'm to sick to make it through my 1.5 hr commute.
+ enjoyed a sodium filled breakfast of cup o'noodles + saltines for breakfast, while seeing the leftover Valentine's day gift exchange from my parents (new shoes for my dad, an engraved necklace for mom) <3
+ daytime TV sucks. too bad i fell asleep midway through last night's legendary Law & Order
+ of course i'm doing stuff for the wedding
+ good thing we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on the weekend
+ can't find my tissue box so i'm snuggled up in bed with a roll of toilet paper
+ my chest hurts from all the coughing


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