Monday, March 30, 2009

T-straps make me feel young

so why not stay young?
(and wear things that make you feel young.)
i had to.
(they had been on my mind for more than a week!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

if valerie can do can I!

considering valerie b's current state of affairs, i'm realizing a portion of her success: reveal your goals publicly to the world and then you'll have an audience to answer to in order to reach them:

so this is a handy dandy annual "to do" list provided by the every so motivating Real Simple.
I am happy to say, I've accomplished the following:
  1. pay off debt: paid off 1 credit card, 3 to go (all by June 09!)
  2. refill savings: that's why i'm paying off the CC's; post June 09
  3. get rid of clothes: starting to, and will do so after every season change
  4. see doctors before June (incl. dentist): check check, and double check!
  5. lose 20 - 30: lost 5 due to the dentist!
  6. find part-time/startup: does working for family count?
  7. volunteer @ church: hmmm...we should register w/ a parish first; errr...
  8. clean out 199: early summer project?
  9. girls getaway weekend: i'mma send out invites soon
  10. mid year honeymoon/westcoast: do destination weddings count?
  11. take care of car: took care of this in January, but that's only b/c inspection was 4 months expired!

one in a million

Last night, while G and I were at Helen Hayes visiting mom for day #7 of her rehab, she felt compelled to share her handy dandy little journal with us since her first incision during surgery on 3/17 and dictate all of her nursy-notes (and some cute personal observations) -- all jotted down in a nice new steno notebook.

To this day, I'm not sure what the intended use of a steno notebook is (the red margin throws me off) but it's been my mother's recording device since I remember her recording anything and last night's memory will now bring added meaning to this stationary product. It was a precious moment.

with every oz.

With every ounce in my body + soul, I WANT THIS!

yay o nay?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

i'm close to being done.

  • born + raised in NJ = 17 years
  • higher education DC = 4 years
  • first job out of college NY = 2.5 years
  • second job out of college VA = 3 years
  • third + fourth job in NY = 2 years and counting...
  • where to next? (Please reference the ugly google traffic map capture above)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

out with the old, in with the new...

red flats are my jam.

top = 2+ y.o. from Sears*
bottom = 2 d.o. from Target

* parting is such sweet sorrow...

Monday, March 9, 2009


mornings like this, and starting the day with the weight of the world on your shoulders...and opening the office door to the expectation of status quo and living the world in black and white, with no tolerance for the grey in between. God is watching, and I am praying for His mighty hand in all of this.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dominican KJ!

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the
May 2009 Weekend Accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing Option at Dominican College,

pending successful completion of Pathophysiology with a minimum grade of C+.

* NOTE: um, major killjoy...but thanks & yay!
{Now you get why I needed a desk?}
I'm not going to hate, because:

a.) you accepted Geoffrey:

b.) you're offering a great program:

c.) you have such a pretty (& Catholic) campus:

e.) Sr. Mary Ellen will be back by 4:00:

we're celebrating this weekend. hootie-hoo!

happy little corner of the world

{ before mortgage }

{ after mortgage }

the moral of the story:
sometimes the thing you're desiring the most
is right under your nose (& not available online.)

Is it just me?

For $125 ?
or does this look like the best desk EVER!

Friday, March 6, 2009


1. UPDATE: it was just a cyst!!! "Seees, it was just a cyyyyyst!"
2. accepting this as my health - reality
3. both of my "mom's" show love very differently.
4. i have two moms: the left & the right...
5. my hair is long; hillary's is getting shorter
6. praying for lolo; touched by GWB I tears
7. so obviously watching the news while writing this.
8. daylight savings???
9. life is too short - and i have this week to prove it.
10. i need an "UP DATE": like, a happy lively jolly date. wanna come with?

happy fry-day.

more this afternoon maybe.

Monday, March 2, 2009

not again. yes, again.

since i'm going a little out of my mind, i'm going to be a little more personal on this space than usual.

i did my annual @ OBGYN appointment this morning, and wouldn't you know, my doctor is sending me to get another boob ultrasound.

perhaps only my close girlfriends know this, but i am deathly afraid of the genetic path that I've inherited from both mom and pops:

Maternal side:
2 - aunts - breast cancer; survivors

Paternal side:
3 - aunts - breast cancer; survivors
1 - cousin - breast cancer; deceased

I was shook up 2.5 year ago the
last time I had an ultrasound done - no result.
Here I am again, doing the run around for another ultrasound.
Now, reconsidering BRCA testing all over again.

{ i'm not completely sure how I feel,
but I am definitely feeling something. }

how do I tell you this...

shoes: there's not more room for you at the Inn.!

what happens when you're cleaning
through your wrapping paper collection and
fall upon a leftover roll of shelf lining?

{ before mortgage }

{ after mortgage }
... how do i look?...