Monday, March 2, 2009

not again. yes, again.

since i'm going a little out of my mind, i'm going to be a little more personal on this space than usual.

i did my annual @ OBGYN appointment this morning, and wouldn't you know, my doctor is sending me to get another boob ultrasound.

perhaps only my close girlfriends know this, but i am deathly afraid of the genetic path that I've inherited from both mom and pops:

Maternal side:
2 - aunts - breast cancer; survivors

Paternal side:
3 - aunts - breast cancer; survivors
1 - cousin - breast cancer; deceased

I was shook up 2.5 year ago the
last time I had an ultrasound done - no result.
Here I am again, doing the run around for another ultrasound.
Now, reconsidering BRCA testing all over again.

{ i'm not completely sure how I feel,
but I am definitely feeling something. }


denk said...

<333 praying for ya sees

maritesser said...

ahhhh your FB makes sense to me now...praying specifically for this and keeping you in my daily prayers and happy thoughts. BREAKFAST SOON PLEASE =)