Friday, March 27, 2009

if valerie can do can I!

considering valerie b's current state of affairs, i'm realizing a portion of her success: reveal your goals publicly to the world and then you'll have an audience to answer to in order to reach them:

so this is a handy dandy annual "to do" list provided by the every so motivating Real Simple.
I am happy to say, I've accomplished the following:
  1. pay off debt: paid off 1 credit card, 3 to go (all by June 09!)
  2. refill savings: that's why i'm paying off the CC's; post June 09
  3. get rid of clothes: starting to, and will do so after every season change
  4. see doctors before June (incl. dentist): check check, and double check!
  5. lose 20 - 30: lost 5 due to the dentist!
  6. find part-time/startup: does working for family count?
  7. volunteer @ church: hmmm...we should register w/ a parish first; errr...
  8. clean out 199: early summer project?
  9. girls getaway weekend: i'mma send out invites soon
  10. mid year honeymoon/westcoast: do destination weddings count?
  11. take care of car: took care of this in January, but that's only b/c inspection was 4 months expired!

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