Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what you got there...

1. spare/laundry keys (cuz my husband took mine this morning) w/ houndstooth purse i got from a office s.santa (perfect for those quarters!)
2. school/staff ID
3. jewelry bag from AE
4. 9West $7.99 sunglasses that I shockingly adore, from Port Authority Strawberry
5. i have skin issues: speed stick does wonders in the summer, aquaphor ails everything from chapped lips to ashy elbows, aveeno lotion (love this carrying case - every last drop!)
6. i transferred into a day-by-day moleskiner (i used to like the weekly, but this was a perfect goodbye present from the last job); transitwise commuter map (i am notorious for getting lost!); flier from my old gig (MTM10!)
7. mini aquaphor (this belongs in my makeup case that I usually leave in the car)
8. trim tweezers (for when i'm stuck in traffic) - i've had these for almost 2 years now - miracle!
9. travel pill case w/ advil (though i originally bought the plastic case to carry small bars of soap for travel)
10. red / yellow: to mark up the...
11. Paris / France travel books - see you en Septembre!
12. kimchi blue wallet that i've held on to for 4 months (<--- a world record!)

AHHH, that felt good and I don't know why.


LAY-ah said...

hi. can i have the travel books (and the tickets too)? p.s. readers: that 4 month wallet really is a record!

LoveLola said...

yes, you may! but tickets...we'll see about that. :)

i'm debating on moleskinning it - already started my own excel spreadsheet w/ budgets / links... I wish there was a Moleskine online!!!!