Friday, June 11, 2010

let's see how this goes...

i probably like our master bedroom the least. and since i've been on a roll, i figured i'd take this sunny afternoon to find finally decide how i want our bedroom to look and feel.

- not too masculine / feminine = light blue paint (it used to look like this! bleh!)
- some modern furniture, but still cozy.
- storage, storage, storage

once i'm done, i'll post proper before and afters. in the meantime, i'll show you what's in my shopping cart:
- $40 - i can't wait to pick this IKEA KAJAK up (and it's in my town too!)
- $9.99 - they're just so cute. i might not get these, since I already have some typo-shams from the Girard line @ UO (no longer online)

- $4.99 - they're just so cute, i can't stand it.

wish us (me + birds) luck!

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