Saturday, February 21, 2009

how to survive the style

this is by no means my way of condemning all of y'all who are out there shopping away and keeping our retailers in business, and other SBOs (small business owners) inspired to add to your local economies. this is my deal, my way of keeping fresh, despite the stale and 'reinventioned' take on style. so if you think i'm looking a little rough around the edges, it's b/c i'm ok w/ it and will have to be ok w/ it for a while.
NOTE: this is more like a letter to myself but b/c my noggin has some good ideas, here is me spilling the knowledge.

{ this picture only really refers to #5 but i didn't want to wait til the end before i shared the cuteness with y'all }

1. be happy with your hair - long, short, curly, straight...i have to embrace the fact that I was able to donate 9 inches of my pre-wedding hair to beautiful lengths and I'm a little encouraged to start all over again (no matter how much i bitched and whined about everyone bobbing it in 08.)

2. learn to sew, polish, 'hide' & be content:

+ sew:
not happy w/ my longish jeans since i dont wear heels these days. SOLUTION: get rehemmed in preparation for pretty spring/summer flats & sandals. EXTRA CREDIT: not buying newer, comfier jeans to fit growing booty.

+ polish:
some of my favored handbags have gotten dull b/c of all the city funk it acquires in my daily commute; clean, polish, refurbish w/ various cleaners and convince yourself of a decent "find" at imaginary thrift store.

+ hide:
favorite patterned button downed is little too tight for the jelly - pair w/ ridiculously reduced sweater vest and VOILA!

+ be content: you probably have more clothes than you even need in one laundry cycle. unless your mom remembers each item you own/wear (like mine) most people won't even remember or comprehend how often or how long you've worn something and well. at least you're not walking around naked... then again???? nm. oh, and if not and you're debating if you need it or not, maybe refer to this list, check what you have and deal w/ what you'll have to be w/out for now. chances are you've reached 90% of this list and yeah, you're good Girl.

3. makeup gives you pimples - ok, that's not true. it gives ME pimples. but one thing i've learned in my adult acne experience is that its forced me to look beyond my derma-blemishes and see how my beautiful smile has grown up through the years and no matter how much make-up/peels/creams/ointment could cure all these blemishes, i just need to be a little more diligent in my facial care routine w/ some of the old-skool treatments that lola still uses (DOVE bar soap + J&J facial powder from PI) and a beautiful smile is all you need.

4. love + kiss more. and i'm not just talking about those w/ sig.o's/husbands/jump-offs! be kind, not just when you rewind, but when you go to the store, give the cashier your cash, walk past someone in an nice people! we're all hurting. that's all. it's an instant pick me up.

5. turn off the tube and look to your loved ones -- hold your breath, and exhale and hold onto whatever gratitude you have left in your sole to realize that you have a roof over your head, food to put in your stomach, socks to put on your feet and warmth to come home at night. then look outward and figure out how to share this w/ those who are without. and then say thank you to whomever your ALMIGHTY is and hold fast to the rollercoaster of life.

ok. hate on me if this has turned you off. like i said, it's how I'M coping and recommending to those near and dear to me, but by all means you do you and i'll see you later.


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