Tuesday, February 10, 2009

list of 'to be happy'

a coworker of mine has taught me one of her tricks at staying positive, especially now during these tough economic times -- she jots down something "happy" everytime something "crappy" comes in her midst. she started not too long ago and is now up to 100 something.

so for all the bad things happening these days, Lord knows I'll get to 100 in no time! and after yesterday's downers, i'm praying that the Lord saves us all from just 'giving up' and looking up to Him for some kind of inspiration and guidance through all of this.

1. i spent the day saturday playing with my nieces before they leave for California for a break and after playing 'bouncy' with all three of them on top of my stomach and banging my head around, their juicy smiles put a permanent imprint of them on my brain, knowing the capacity of happiness within them, and shared with me.

2. i oddly enjoy my bus rides - not so much when it's standing room only - but moreso because it allows me to observe and peer out into my neighborhood (without having to pay attention to the road and drive) and every so often, i bump into a nice stranger on the bus who enjoys having a nonchalant conversation, for nothing else other than nonchalant conversation.

3. i love tissues and blowing my nose in the morning. it's almost as satisfying as picking a piece of lettuce out of your teeth. ok tha'ts kind of gross, but i feel like i've perfected the art of noseblowing - or else, i don't tolerate many things to linger in my nasal cavities for very long.

4. i organized my key chain the other night and love that i have so many 'homes' - work (sometimes), new home (yay mortgage!), mom/dad's home (i still miss them, don't tell them), and mom/dad-in-law's home (eeeps!) - and then there are our two cars...still debating if we need both, but they get us to where we need to go and allowed geoff/moi to survive our long distance relationship. so basically, i'd be lost without my keys. :)

5. v-necks are just wonderful. they just - are.

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ostacy said...

i am thoroughly enjoying your happy list and it's very inspiring. <3