Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Mommy, can I have my allowance?"

so i never had an allowance. i wore a uniform til i graduated high school, i always brought my lunches, i didn't go out 'that' much, and my mom pretty much bought me most of my 'tag day' clothes either on super-sale or second-hand.

i love my mom and her cultural routes that makes her so frugral, and me, on the brink of "yes, i'll grow up NOW" penny pinching every last chance I get. even tonight, i was about to forgo dinner all together and just eat an extra helping of FREEEEE (& yummy pickles) @ the hole.

speaking of 'the hole' - READ: THE Jackson Hole - me and the mister God-willing will be living within walking distance to THE HOLE...and i'm shaking in my bones, just thinking about being a neighbor to the hole of jackson. iew. that sounds weird.

moving on...

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