Saturday, March 15, 2008

"let's go already!"

before i walk away from the computer, my goals for today:

+ decide to go to the gym
+ coffee
+ decide not to go to the gym
+ shower
+ wear something cute and comfy
+ pack up my mobile 'fashion dance' pack
+ fetch my cousin (home from spring break) to try on BM dress
+ gather the MOH to take her on a tour of my life
+ transport mother to sister's house
+ meet up with BFF/BM for a nice meal
+ WACHOVIA business
+ head back to NYC - not for work
+ find a place to sleep
+ rest
+ breathe

let's see how we do today

1 comment:

ostacy said...

not too shabby. thank you for making the weekend run so smoothly, from driving to union to a.dels to driving me back to union, just thank you you thank you.