Thursday, June 19, 2008

officially, an adult.

i've slowly been unsubscribing from a lot of newsletters and discount deals which used to give me convenient but unnecessary excuses to do a lot of frivolous shopping. this last one was a hard one to give up, but cannot recall the last time i've even stepped into an H&M just to browse the lucrative sales rack.

we're closing on our condo on Monday - thus, unless it's socks or underwear, i no longer have an urge or reason to buy frivolous things if only to keep me warm in -20 degree weather, or some kind of revolutionary fabric to protect me from the depleting ozone layer with cotton that contains SPF 1000.

congrats to us, but sorry'll have to love me as I am [for now].

PS - in the meantime, i find this fashion blog (where i won't be shopping) to be quite helpful in rethinking the clothes I already have.

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