Monday, April 21, 2008

not since the third grade

okay, maybe i have had a nosebleed since the third grade, but this morning, the arrival of this nuisance was caused by my own nuisance...if you need a good laugh, call me this morning and ask me what caused this grossness.

in other news, i'm leaving for arizona in less than a week and i'm still catching up from last week's TO DOs, so unless my nose decides to clot up very soon, i'm way super behind.

all in all it was a good weekend that went by way too fast. accomplished a lot but always more to do:

+ saw the reflection of a closed-circuit broadcat of the pope 500 feet away from St. Pat's.
+ purchased a new toy, to share with the husband-roommate soon
+ babyshower / first communion / mini-fam-jam all in one day
+ laundry marathon
+ 'practiced' with geoff's new cousin Kellie [keep the "uyyyysss" to yourself, thanks.]
+ lost sleep over these growing $ concerns. man, it's expensive to grow up!

and for those of you whom i'm out of the loop with [thats great grammar!] i'll be in Arizona next Sunday, then straight to Philly that Thursday and somehow make it back to NYC.

ciao, ttfn. buh bye

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