Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"everyone's doing it..."

yeah yeah yeah. i've never been one to succumb to peer pressure (drug free since '83!) but i've realized that i've lost touch with reality, lost touch w/ a lot of friends...so why not START YET ANOTHER BLOG?

i'll make this quick:
1. i need an online reminder of all the NY resolutions i have floating around in my head.
2. i still like the colors of the blog (even though it isn't very accurate)
3. my friends have tranferred to blogspot so i'm reviving this one again.
4. because - i can.

so here goes nothing:
- improve physical health - Curves Member since 1.08.08
- enhance literary exposure - Bergenfield Library Card holder since 1.07.08
- increase thoughtful news consumption - iPod touch owner since 12.24.07

i realize this first revival post is lacking many things - i'll get to that, ok?

BUT YEAH, HELLO WORLD, HELLO 2008 - HELLO TO A NEW ME (in so many stupendous ways!)



*live said...

welcome back lola.

Geoffy's Blog said...

maybe we can bring blogspot to where xanga was circa 2003-2004?